Founded by Nicole Schoeni, Schoeni Projects is a contemporary art platform headquartered in London, with offices in Hong Kong. The organisation is built on the belief that art and the platforms on which it is shared, should be fluid and flexible allowing artists and art practitioners to connect, collaborate and engage in dialogue with ease. The foundations and beating heart of Schoeni Projects is about promoting talent and celebrating cross-cultural exchange in unique and creative environments. The team is committed to offering infrastructure and support to develop the careers of emerging and established international artists and collaborators.

❝ Schoeni Projects is the exciting next chapter in my family's commitment to facilitating cross-cultural collaborations between Asia and Europe. Building on this legacy, my new venture expands beyond the confines of the typical gallery model; my hope is that, whilst reflecting my father's artistic philosophy and unique joie-de-vivre, we will also provide a distinctly new and dynamic space, a truly contemporary hub for artists and art lovers to meet, engage and collaborate. ❞ — Nicole Schoeni, May 2020