Icy and Sot always looks for the appropriate medium to give their ideas the greatest resonance, in the case of disCONNECT it was a discarded table found within the unrenovated house. Through their unique visual language, they have been delivering powerful, moving statements on the present-day human condition, tackling important issues such as human rights, detention, women’s rights, the plights of migrants and refugees, climate change, or the pitfalls of capitalism.


Titled Socialism vs Capitalism, the folding table of the kitchen-based installation is now complete with two folding table places: the plates and cutlery split and hinged so they too move with the tabletop. The work reflects on the often-debilitating effects of capitalism on the poor, here represented through the most basic of human needs: food.


Confronting the obstacles imposed by the pandemic, the duo was innovative in the way they created their artwork. Instead of shipping the table to them, they were resourceful and purchased a table similar to the one in the house online in New York on Facebook Market the next day. They used it as a replica for this work and shipped the cutlery and crockery instead, which were then installed onto the discarded table in the house.


Click here to see the video Icy and Sot sent from New York, demonstrating their artwork on the replica table.