'disCONNECT really describes the moment right now. Everything stopped and it is shocking because it never happens before in our lives... I want to concentrate more on people clustering as I really like the crowded imagery on the work and how compact and intense it is. Not only do I want to freeze that particular moment with photography, but also I enjoy looking at this imagery.' - Alex Fakso (2020)


Fakso presents new photography-based works reflecting on a life pre-pandemic. Images of crowds taken during his travels before the pandemic are presented alongside found and salvaged portraitures. As an avid traveller, Fakso's work relies on moving from city to city and the current world crisis has allowed him to reflect on what was left for granted by many people including himself. His unprecedented installation and brand-new artworks unveil an in-depth contrast between the collective and the individual. The visitors have the opportunity to witness a visual statement to these times of restrictions, highlighting the contrast between images of crowds, the empty room and the sole and isolated person in the old portraits. A dive into a world which has dramatically changed to which, as individuals, we currently long to belong again.



Click here to watch Alex Fakso preparing his disCONNECT installation. 

Click here to watch our Artist Interview Series on Instagram IGTV with Alex Fakso and Curator Nicole Schoeni.