Mr. Cenz works from portrait and fashion photographs to create unique interpretations of strong and spiritual women, which are abstracted in a spontaneous and freestyle way to create interesting and mysterious compositions. Fusing together photorealism, illustration and graffiti, his distinctive style layers intricate and flowing letterforms, shapes and line work in a uniquely rhythmic way.


The futuristic style of Mr. Cenz's works contrasts, disrupting while complimenting, with the Victorian features of the hallway his installation takes over. His work expands the ordered patterns and colours from the house’s tiled floor into a fantastical blend of photorealism, illustration and graffiti lettering, reflective of his many street works which decorate the city of London.  Further inspired by black and white tiles, his work Fragmented reflects the gold gild vintage mirror found in the hallway framed in a similar style. In regards to the mural, Inside Out, that Mr. Cenz created in the hallway of the Victorian townhouse, he mentions, ‘at a time where we have been disconnected from our friends and family my work is about the importance of connecting internally with your imagination, creativity, and aesthetic pleasures in order to maintain a positive mental health. This ability to be at one with yourself, think positively and have hope for the future is fundamental in our ability to cope and rebuild our lives.’


Click here to see a video about Mr. Cenz's installation process.