To Go Hung, the world is not a familiar place nowadays in many ways. Humans have been forced to change behaviours and adapt to a new way of life due to the pandemic. What people used to believe was normal has now become something that is prohibited. This "disconnect" life is uneasy and cruel, and it is even crueler for the less privileged group.


He began to create I So Late series as a distraction from being over-worried or flooded with information overload and his intuition has been directing this creative process. His on-going series of objects, inspired by a project he was given when he was in primary art class, are carved out of ‘labour soap’. This inexpensive type of soap made of lemon grass and fat, was commonly seen in Hong Kong households in the 80's and the objects he chooses to carve out of it are items that we are encouraged not to touch in public spaces because of hygiene during the current pandemic. Responding to the pandemic as well as disCONNECT LDN, he carves objects such as the door handles from the period house in London as well as the historical tenement building in Hong Kong.


His installation 'Single Bed' reflects on the issue of poverty in Hong Kong and highlights the multidimensional social phenomenon of McRefugees, where due to unemployment and high rents, the homeless seek shelter and stay at a McDonald's overnight, since it is open 24 hours.


Click here to watch Go Hung preparing his disCONNECT installation.