COVID-19 is one of those game changers that abruptly separate people from everyday routine. It changes the way we work, the way we live, and even the way we breathe. Relationship between people crumbles and life in the modern society as we know is turning upside down. Wong’s experimental film The Quarantine pushes this idea of civilization going backwards due to unknown reasons. It questions what if living in a completely isolated dystopian world is not a hypothesis, but a must in order to survive. The narrative of the film depicts a man stranded on an island desperately needing a friend. He eventually met a dead fish on the shore which led him into a surrealistic journey which ultimately sets him free. The metaphorical story offers ‘transformation’ as an answer to the world of disconnection. He believes that this answer will also set people free in our real pandemic world.


Click here to watch Kacey Wong explaining his work in progress at his studio in Hong Kong.