As restricted travel, social distancing and lock down became more of a “new normal,” we have turned to technology and the digital world to communicate with each other and stay connected more than ever. We carry out daily activities that we did in a life pre-Covid more frequently online, a previous life that we now feel disconnected from. Social media, WhatsApp, and video chats has played an important role and as the internet gets flooded with information, opinions, comments, it’s become harder to separate fact from fiction, or believe what you read. This misinformation in the virtual world, is the concept behind WTF’s series of works for disCONNECT HK.


Taking a Chinese character Wong Ting Fung deconstructs its components and recreates his own version by re-arranging the modules into different layers. "Bullshit, Hollow and Chaos represent my reflection on this scene online. The Chinese characters components are separated and rebuilt by layers, reconstructing an undefined representation of text and a distorted way of communication" (Wong Ting Fung, 2020).