DOOR TO DOOR Artist Residency: Szelit Cheung & Olga Grotova

  • Szelit Cheung

    b. 1988 in Weidong, China

    Szelit Cheung is a Hong Kong-based artist who engages in a cross-disciplinary practice including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and installation. His current practice resembles the essence of void and explores the connection between presence and emptiness by utilising simple forms, light and colours as a means to echo and amplify the intangible yet powerful feelings and expressions.


    After graduating from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) in 2012, he works solely as an artist and continues pursuing his passion for art. His work has been widely exhibited in different places, including America, France, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. He has held solo exhibitions in Touch Gallery (Hong Kong, 2022), Rossi & Rossi Gallery, (Hong Kong, 2021) and Galerie Ora-Ora (Hong Kong, 2020). Group exhibitions include Wind H Art Center (798 Art Zone, Beijing, China, 2023), Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Tokyo, Japan, 2021), One Thousand Museum (Miami, 2019), Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong SOHO (Hong Kong, 2017) and Crane Gallery (Taiwan, 2015).


    IG @szelit_cheung

  • Olga Grotova

    b. 1986 in Chelyabinsk, Russia

    Photo by Erola Arcalis.

    Olga Grotova is an artist and poet living and working in London. Her practice involves collecting and mapping stories of Soviet and Eastern-European women that have been erased from established historical narratives. Grotova undertakes research journeys to discover the lost histories of communities and families from former Soviet states in order to dispel male-dominated and power-centric ‘official’ narratives. Her practice is a feminist interruption of the Russian political narrative plagued by extraction, patriarchy, and imperialism. The erased female narratives create fractures and inconsistencies in the official history and undermine the regime built on terror, misogyny and militarisation. By discovering erased or misunderstood female histories and questioning the homogenised state-backed narrative, she opens up the potential for larger explorations of resistance to global ecological catastrophe, colonisation and totalitarianism.


    Grotova graduated from the Royal College of Art MA in Painting (2016) and participated in residency programmes with Schoeni Projects and THE SHOPHOUSE (2023), Studio Voltaire (2023), CAD+SR (2022, facilitated by Rirkrit Tiravanija and Pelin Tan), Atelier 17 Paris (2022), Wysing Syllabus VI (2020-2021) and Praksis (2019) amongst others. Selected exhibitions and performances include Studio Voltaire (London, 2023), KADIST (Paris, 2023), Les Rencontres d’Arles (Arles, 2022), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow, 2021), Centrala (Birmingham, 2019), Oslo Kunstforening (Oslo, 2019), Mimosa House (London, 2018), Guest Projects (London, 2012) and Hayward Gallery (London, 2012).


    IG @olgagrotova