• If you can only do one thing in Sham Shui Po, you must pay a visit to the authentic local eateries, Michelin-starred eats or trendy cafes to enjoy the delicacies they serve. Its history as an industrial zone contributed to a local dining environment that is famous for its affordable and satisfying eating experience.  From herbal tea and old-school steaks to traditional noodles and Chinese-style desserts. These family-run eateries, like Cha Chaan Tengs and Dai Pai Dongs, are long-standing companions to the locals and worth a visit. The modern and trendy have also flocked to this area. Vegan-friendly food, instant caffeine treats and creative desserts are now also on offer. Some of which double up as pop-up stores or a gathering place for musicians, journalists and artists, further cultivating a strong community connection.



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    Please note that there is so much ground to cover and explore in Sham Shui Po that we may have missed something. So, hello Sham Shui Po vendors, entrepreneurs and shop owners! If you want to be part of it and want us to feature your business on this map, please send us a message
    深水埗實在有太多特色店鋪和地方讓大家探索,深水埗企業家和商店老闆們 hello! 如果您想成為其中的一員並希望我們在此地圖上點出您的店鋪,請寄發電子郵件通知我們。