Zoer / disCONNECT / Fifth Wall TV

“A Case Study House in London,” is French artist Zoer's anamorphic installation for disCONNECT in the period house in London for Schoeni Projects. Through this barricade of objects he wants to express how the personal possessions can act as a social shield.


This incredible feat was created during lock down due to the COVID pandemic and installed despite the artist working on it remotely with various collaborators. As there was travel restrictions in place, Zoer was unable to paint the anamorphic installation on site, so instead he had worked with his team in France to create the digital files for the wall paper, co-ordinated with HKwalls' Jason Dembski located in Hong Kong. The files were then printed on paper and pasted up on the walls, ceilings and floor of the room by Damon Borley and his team, he said "pretty sure this is the most technically difficult piece I’ve ever stuck to a wall."


Music by: @leooptique