Zoer’s work A Case Study of a House (2020) for disCONNECT presents an anamorphic installation created through a ‘barricade’ of domestic objects and furniture stacked within the space. Highlighting both the reality and futility of partitions, the works symbolise the ‘shield’ of objects and material possessions used to evoke social or emotional ‘distance’ to others. 'Through this barricade of objects I wanted to express how the personal possessions can act as a social shield,' Zoer (2020).


Installing the work was no easy feat because of travel restrictions. Without these, the artist would have painted the anamorphic illusion directly to the walls, floors and ceilings of the living room. However, flexible working takes place while coronavirus measures are in place. Much time was spent on communication via phone and video calls. The artist worked across two time zones, working on the digital wallpaper with his studio team in France and communicating with HKwalls Jason Dembski, an architect, in Hong Kong. There was also a hard search for a professional team in London for wallpaper installation as it is challenging to install it on the imperfect wall surface in the Victorian townhouse. Fortunately, a paste up artist Subvertiser managed to install it with his team at the end.


Alongside this anamorphic installation, Zoer has created three additional case studies titled Break, Home and School, two of which are segments taken from the anamorphic installation A Case Study of a House.


Click here to see a video and better understand his anamorphic installation.