Zoer was born in Stromboli in 1985.Working on street murals internationally, his artistic language cultivates paradox; a violent subject can resonate with the delicacy of the render – precision justifying disorder, realism approaching utopia. Travelling the world for painting, he settles within a landscape, imbuing it with a new point of view. Zoer has a master degree as product designer from Strate School of Design, 2008. His work has been exhibited at Kaikaikiki Gallery in Tokyo, Vancouver Art Museum and museum of contemporary art of Lyon. He is collected by the artist Takashi Murakami. In 2017 & 2018 he was curator of 2KM3 Contemporary Art Platform.


ZOER’s piece A Case Study of a House (2020) for disCONNECT, (pictured above) presents an anamorphic installation created through ‘barricade’ of domestic objects and furniture stacked within the space. Highlighting both the reality and futility of partitions, the works symbolise the ‘shield’ of objects and material possessions used to evoke social or emotional ‘distance’ to others.


Installing the work was no easy feat with the artist working on the digital wallpaper in France with his team, and communicating with Jason Dembski of HKwalls in Hong Kong, who had to a hard search for a capable team in London to install the wallpaper.


Along side this anamorphic installation, Zoer has created three further studies related to A Case Study of a House in acrylic on Japanese Paper.


Click here to see a video and better understand his anamorphic installation.